July 13 | Thursday

Biz Breakout and Round Table Topics for Guided Discussion

We believe dialogue is the basis for creativity and innovation.  At the business breakout and roundtables, we welcome all participants to engage in innovative conversations with highly experienced industry insiders.  We curated unique and topical discussion points that cover everything from branding, graphic design, social media, photography, business acumen, marketing, law, to partnership. 


Join us for an enlightening, educational, and engaging conversation at Whitefish Mountain Resort. This is an all day event from 10am - 3pm.


“Show and Tell: A Brand Polish” With Graphic designers and branding expert Kayla Borger and MoeCheez

Bring your current Brand Page for a focused brainstorming session among colleagues. Attendees will receive insight, ideas and direction. If you don’t have an existing Brand Page, this workshop will help you clarify your branding visions. Includes general guideline discussion such as fonts, print vs web graphics, and how to ensure your branding is consistent and thoroughly shares your magic.

“When and how to DIY. When and how to partner with a graphic designer.” Kayla borger and Moecheez

Insight and resources for the current DIY platforms such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix and Instagram for those wanting to roll up their sleeves. Strategies and systems for finding, communicating with, and executing your vision when partnering with a graphic designer to ensure both of your time and investment is maximized. This workshop includes basic vocabulary used by designers, how to organize and submit your ideas and how to build and nurture long-term relationships with designers to see your vision through for years to come.

“Show It Off!”  with photographer Lance koudele

Explores the basics of lighting, angles, placement and mood for getting social network and website worthy image of your work using your phone or camera and natural lighting. Discuss various social network platforms.

“Guidelines and Reminders for the Erratic Creative” with business professional Lindsay Foley

This quick, humorous discussion adds compassion to the financial rules most creatives barely want to know about and provides a relatively simple roadmap for personal/professional financial goals. Great for asking questions as long as it’s not “Should I buy the car I can’t afford?”

“Payment Gateways: How to get and keep more of your money” With Film maker and Entreprenuer Parker Nitopi

Explore the various credit card processing systems such as Square, Stripe, NexGen, Costco and Crypto-Based to help identify the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each for various business structures. The goal of this workshop is to ensure you feel empowered when making the decision of who to share your revenue with knowing no matter what choice you make, someone will make a percentage!

“Empowered by the Law: ensuring creatives understand the tools and resources to ensure the legal system has your back. ” Attorney Elizabeth Weaver

This conversation will demystify the  complexities of legal and business structures.  A crucial dialogue to ensure you protect your endeavors.

“Herding the cats, kittens and lions” with BAP Partners

Discuss skills for managing various types of employees and partners with grace, style, leadership and integrity. Share your own insight in moderated conversation about how to effectively lead a variety of personality types in various settings. Because creatives, are, well, you know, so easy to manage!

“Commit to your concept without losing yourself in the struggles” Counselor Chelci Bruno

An honest exploration of how easy it is to get swept up in the criticsms, hurdles, failures, triumphs and assumptions; and tools for retaining your sense of ground while pursuing a dream.

“Power of Failure” With Melissa Picoli Philips / Elizabeth Weaver and MoeCheez

A chance to discuss the tuition we pay with each obstacle, each unfulfilled concept, each time one road doesn’t pan out and we must dust ourselves off and get going on our next.