We don't have drastic before and after transformations because as desirable as they are, we think they're mostly bullsh*t.

We don't have hyperbole claims or exaggerated ideas.

Our models are beloved friends who left kids and businesses for a week-long road-trip through Palm Desert to imagine, define and share SSBeauty's story. 

Our soul has a huge crush on the combination of science-based data with an obsessive, intuitive passion.

Our work ethic is grass-roots meets elbow grease. Our founding team are 90's kids whose first computer classes were once a week and we were promised if the three buttons weren't pressed in the right order to power on and off, the computer could potentially explode.

(Umm.. hee. hee. I'm sorry(ish). I always turned those off out of order while telling myself i wasn't just another rat in the cage... *~mpp)

Skin and Sky's unquenchable curiosity and persistence over twenty years in the beauty industry is soul-driven, data-based and client-tested. It encompasses our need to do they very best we can, with what we have, where we are. 

We create intelligent beauty formulas worthy of your skin, your time, your investment and the stunning, complicated world we live in.

We want to be part of a changing dialogue. We believe  strengthening, protecting, adjusting, nurturing and regenerating is the new anti-aging.

We think you should totally show some skin, if you want.

We also think you're fine with raw honey as a cleanser, sake as a toner and rice bran oil as a moisturizer.


Anti-aging body care + beauty tea blends formulated and refined with the very best of what we know and love.