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Age-Defying Ingredient Spotlight: Turmeric

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Turmeric Anti-Aging Skincare benefits

This ancient, re-energized, shockingly gorgeous ingredient is a staple among some of the healthiest populations on Earth from thousands of years ago in Southeast Asia to tonight's foodies shopping at Erewhon in LA. The brightly-colored, stunning, flowering plant co-evolved with people, including its own defense mechanisms which we now use for our own health + beauty. Ginger and turmeric are in the same family, alongside 1600+ of the world's most dramatic flowers.

Turmeric has been used in skin treatments as far back as spa treatments themselves, with a history more than 4000 years old. Before labs and scientific method, people saw the brightening and soothing effects, but had to deal with intense staining to reap the rewards. In the late 90s, scientists began digging deeper into the active compound, curcumin, hoping to find a way to retain all of the benefits but removing the pigment molecules. There are over 3000 publications in the last 25 years alone that attempt to understand and benefit from turmeric's magic.

In 2001, our founder/esthetician Melissa Picoli Philips had recently returned from extended meanderings gathering beauty secrets from far-fetched corners of the globe, and began experimented with a then-novel isolate sent to her by a chemist friend. Melissa was the first to to incorporate this fantastic innovation into a body care product. She challenged her cosmetic chemist partnerships to create the most effective anti-aging body care, in order to address the signs of her own life spent in harsh outdoor environments. This resulted in the original BijaBody Anti-Aging Body Treatment, which has evolved into our even more effective strengthening body creme.


  • Protective role against various pollutants and cytotoxic agents

  • Induces apoptosis (death) of damaged cells

  • Causes rapid replacement of injured cells by normal healthy cells

  • Heals acute skin injuries more rapidly with less or no scarring

  • Rapid repair of sun-burns reduces malignant potential

  • Significant improvements of skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles

  • As effective and a safe alternative to 4% hydroquinone

  • Potentially more effective topically at conducting curcumin into the bloodstream than oral supplementation

The ridiculously long name, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, is a chemical explanation of how all of the active elements of turmeric were isolated from the ochre color. (We need to ask Frannie and James, over at Blue Marble, to help us further understand the chemical structure). It can now be found in a range of niche and mass beauty products, generally in very low concentrations due to high production cost, but we continue to rage against the snake oil and pave our own revolutionary path in skincare development to ensure the most effective, intelligent and ethical age-defying formulas.


Brighter, smoother, healthier, softer, stronger skin. Reduces existing hyper-pigmentation. Significant disruption of dark spot formation. Potential reduction of likelihood of skin cancer. Reduced damage from pollution + sun exposure. Younger looking skin which bounces back more quickly from sunburns and other damage. Less itchiness and scarring.

More Balance. More Luminous. More Supple.

More Glow. Less Damage. More Strut.

Before and After Severe Sunburn with use of Turmeric Isolate

Enticing? Ready to start slowing down your skin's roll? Get some!

Data-Results are based on 1-3x/day usage. Visual signs of reversal begin after 28 days usage. True results visible obvious 20 years down the road when your skin is still strong and glowing.

Age-Defying Body Creme

THEN USE ITNightly. Throughout the Day during times of excessive exposure or stress. When massaging a loved one's hands. Before Netflix-and-Chill. After skin has been suffocated all day under sweaters and tights. Regularly.

Fall skincare
Summer skin is repaired and nurtured in the fall!

We'd love to hear from you! How is your skin doing as the weather quickly changes?If you need advice backed by real experience, schedule a 15 minute convo with Melissa to discuss any skincare concerns + questions. See our contact page.

Here's to our wild and precious life!

May the scars be worth it, and the glow well-cared for. xo, SSB

A few recipes to incorporate Turmeric's defense into your life



  • 1/4 t black or red pepper

  • 1 T raw honey or coconut sugar

  • Sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla

  • 1 T cacao powder

Mix dry ingredients well then add honey. Add 1/4 cup warm milk of choice and blend/mix/whip (you have to put some elbow grease into this one). Once mixture becomes a paste, separate into two mugs, top off with warm milk of choice and enjoy. Extremely calming and fortifying.

Adapted from Ashley at Never Home Maker

FANCY FALL BUTTER: Melt butter over stove or microwave in a glass bowl with lid. Add 1/4 tsp each of turmeric, pepper, cumin, and sea salt to 2 cloves garlic finely chopped. Mix well, cover and allow to solidify. Use for a variety of fall/winter dishes. Omit garlic and use for Bullet Coffee.

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