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For the record, we are fans. We love your art.

Your recent collaboration with Amazon is heartbreaking. You've always come across as an artist who supports artists.

In a world of low-vibration crap, Amazon reigns. There is no love. No soul.

We get this. We know we can't stop the machine.

"Despite all our rage, we are still just a rat in a cage."

But there's a few of us working deliriously hard to still create beauty products worthy of people's skin and the world.

Amazon is the shadiest corner of beauty, and soon enough they will do to us what they've done to local bookstores, bead stores, art suppliers, small shops. They will annihilate us. They are the bad monsters.

Why? Pure greed. Pure ego.

Don't they have enough? Aren't their yachts big enough? Isn't your cathedral powerful enough?

These aren't the monsters you are known to support.

I've dug deep into what is being sold. There are so many lies. So little soul. No art.


An art led economy.

That would save us all.

Amazon kills that. It leaves those of us committed to doing right by the world, the artists wo care about our product, the entrepreneurs who are rooted in hope, gasping for air. And for what? Another private plane?

Their employees are treated like shit, they've mastered the tax system, and haven't used their power for good.

Your collaboration was barely noticed by the news outlets because they don't see those of us hustling to do it right, to purchase from sources that we can be proud of, to do justice.

They don't care that there are a few of us who want to make a buck not for greed, but because we will return that buck to other artists.

We care about PEOPLE, PLACE, PLANET, PARTNERSHIPS as much as, if not more than PROFIT.

We know we are a dying breed, a dinosaur. But we are willing to go down fighting for beauty, art, justice.

Please reconsider.

Think about your Little Monsters. Think about artists.

You have a lot. I doubt you need that much more.

We have spent our hard-earned money on tickets, merch and products you sell. Look around your life and really check to see where your money is going. Is it coming back to us?

With love, respect and hope...

xo, Skin and Sky

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