The Moon Mama kit has everything you need for a luminous evening of relaxing self care.

Kit Includes:

Raw Honey Turmeric Hemp Scrub (2oz) 

The organic raw honey mask is made with turmeric and hemp isolate for a relaxing and smoothing natural exfoliant experience.

Collagen Boosting Strawberry Lip Balm 

Peptides work to both hydrate your lips and give a natural looking boost with use. 

Sanctuary Spray 5oz

The sanctuary linen + room spray is both sanitizing and refreshing with a lovely scent to refresh any space.

PM Cellular Luminosity Creme 4oz

Potent Peptide, Stem Cell and Botanicals work diligently while you sleep to stimulate collagen health, prevent pigment disturbances and increase elasticity.

Brightening Spot Treatment Oil Roller

The target treatment roller is great for brightening and smoothing dark spots and fine lines. 

Nightly Beauty Tea 5oz

This caffeine-free blend of adaptogenic, mineral-rich, purifying, collagen protecting herbs and spices - including orange peel, strawberry leaf, gotu kola, ginger & turmeric- work synergistically to counteract inflammation and toxins, stimulate digestion and support adrenal, liver and biome health.

Moonstone & Amethyst Crystals

Moonstone crystals are used for balance, insight, healing and self-care. They can be used to soothe unstable emotions and reduce stress. Place by your tub as you bathe or on your night stand. 



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