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Effective, proven concentrations of antioxidants, nutrients and botanicals to provide a barrier against aggravating effects of exposure while strengthening, hydrating and ensuring a gorgeous glow. A daily anti-aging formula to prevent premature aging while a life well-lived unfurls. Our luxe glass bottle comes with 8oz refill pouch. 



• Disrupts damage from environmental + pollution exposure

• Protects lipid barrier and cell health from aggressive effects of recirculated, indoor air

• Promotes tissue and collagen healing

• Provides a nutrient-rich barrier, livable, graceful fragrance veil and a touchable glow




STABILIZED VITAMIN C: Penetrates directly into the epidermis and dermis, acting both as an antioxidant and a direct stimulant of new collagen, unlike other ascorbic acids, which are released into the stratum corneum and protect the skin only as an antioxidant | Higher rate of penetration than other derivatives; higher rate of conversion to vitamin C within the dermis | Increases collagen levels, reduces melanin production, brightens skin, and repairs the effects of UV exposure and other environmental damage | More potent than L-asorbic acid and other Vitamin C compounds at a more stable pH level for skin health | Cell viability is increased up to 30% when compared to L-Ascorbic Acid


WHITE + GREEN TEA EXTRACT: 20 times more powerful than Vitamin E as an antioxidant | Provides bio-active theophylline, shown to prevent and reduce the onset of biological cellulite | Protective effect on fibroblast cells against hydrogen peroxide induced damage (anti-inflammatory) | Potential photoprotective effects on UVR‐induced photoaging and photoimmunosuppression (a.k.a. next-generation thinking around sun damage prevention)


• STRAWBERRY SEED EXTRACT: contains more than 30% of α -linolenic acid, a essential fatty acid with anti-allergic effect | External local application of Strawberry Seed Extract at .05-2 percent is effective in suppressing expression of enzymes for melanin synthesis (brown spots) | Findings suggest enhanced expression of HSP-related genes and thus have anti-aging and anti-oxidation effects for the skin


• RICE BRAN OIL: Contains around three-quarters essential fatty acids necessary for synthesis of prostaglandins, cell membranes and tissue regeneration | Promotes surface microcirculation and skin metabolism, providing protection against premature aging | Can disrupt the progress of melanin pigmentation by restraining the erythema activity of tyrosinase | May increase synthesis of collagen I and collagen III, the major components of the extracellular matrix that support the epidermis | Promising studies show sunscree-like effect which prevents against sunburn upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the region of from about 2950 to 3150 angstrom units (Translation: May allow responsible tanning without sunburn)


Also contains Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil and Organic Honey


"Be Sun Smart. Not Sun Scared." 



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To help prevent laxity, dryness, dark spots and overall dullness, apply daily to skin out of the shower or after a good spritz. Focus on areas most vulnerable to pollution and environmental damage, as well as areas experience repeated movements. Think chest/neck, arms/hands, elbow folds, above knees, stomach area below breasts. Reapply every 4-6 hours for most thorough antioxidant activity.

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