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Rage Against The Waste while protecting your skin's luminosity. Our luxe glass bottles are meant to be in your world for years to come, hopefully filled with our age-defying products. The Luxe Age-Defying AM/PM Body Care System Starter Kit includes a set of packaging for your home, your jet-setting or gym bag, and your purse. Once you have the beautiful packaging on hand, our simple 8oz refill pouches will keep them filled while minimizing waste by almost 95%. 


The Win-Win of Refills


  • MAJOR COST SAVINGS - Most of the cost of mass beauty products is packaging, which includes lots of freight, labeling, handling and more. We're in the skincare industry, not the packaging industry, and would rather spend our hours in the lab than dealing with trade wars, freight issues and guilt of unnecessary waste. Plus, we bet you'd way rather have more product than bottles. Buy two at a time and save even more. 


  • SERIOUS WASTE + CARBON REDUCTION - From the first step to the last glorious drop of elixir, waste is drastically reduced.


  • SUSTAINABLE PARTNERSHIP - The way we see it, the relationship with you is a partnership. We can keep doing what we do best, developing beauty products worthy of your skin and our world, and you can be confident knowing this beauty investment is truly worthy of your time, money and ritual. Cross "Find Great Body Care" off your list. We've got you covered. 


  • THE MORE COMMITTED YOU ARE, THE MORE YOUR SKIN WILL GLOW DECADES TO COME. SERIOUSLY. Intelligent beauty products are not an overnight fix, and slowing down is way, way easier than chasing an exaggerated promise for an unattainable backwards turn of the clock. A long-term relationship with SSB is definitely something you won't regret many well-lived years from now. The Brilliant Daily Body Serum Antiox Multi-Task Elixir is an antioxidant powerhouse and nutrient veil that helps prevent almost 60% of the damage you'd normally get day-to-day. The Cellular Luminosity Body Creme Overnight Anti-Aging Treatment works diligently while you sleep to activate collagen repair, reduce pigment disturbances, strengthen and significantly slow down skin's biological aging. 



When refilling, we recommend you lay out a clean towel, remove all pumps/lids, and use a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel or alcohol to clean the dip-tubes and around edges of bottle. Dry thoroughly after refilling each bottle and close everything back up as quickly as possible. If you're not putting your fingers or anything bacteria-covered into the bottle, there's no need to scrub the bottle completely clean. Click here to watch a demo refill.

Pumps will sometimes break. If this happens, please keep the violet glass bottle. We'll send you a new one and ask that you keep your product well-covered and refrigerated until pump arrives. 

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