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BEAUTY, ART + PARTNERSHIP an elevated workshop series and celebration

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

As part of a bigger vision, we want to create the best beauty products we have ever seen AND create opportunities for brilliant, entrepreneurial creatives from different industries to come together for leveled-up dialogue, sharing resources and empower each other as we redefine business as usual.

The idea came while traveling around the country meeting inspiring creatives working so hard to follow a dream, to make a living from career paths rooted in art. It is hard. It is so hard. At any point, any of us could choose a more traditional job which would ensure a steadier income and security. But we can't. We love what we do.

The world needs as many creative dreamers as possible. It is through art and pursuit of a vision that innovations take shape; through incredibly hard-work, dedication and unwavering belief that systems are changed.

I envisioned a curated event, small enough to be customized but including people from various complementary industries in the Beauty, Art, Branding, Business and Management fields. Cream-of-the-crop. Cherry-picked.

This was the test-run. It turned into the coolest version of summer camp ever. We all learned so much from each other and celebrated being surrounded by like-minded dreamers, hustlers and wild children. The group represented multiple states, industries, walks of life and career goals. And we had a key trait in common: The heart, soul and desire to do right by our clients, our craft and the world, and the willingness to take the risk in pursuit of a vision.


BAP (Beauty, Art + Partnership) now has a Founding Team. We have lots of details to get organized, but there is no doubt this will become an annual event! Follow to stay informed:










Key lesson learned after trying thinking we could go up the chairlift to a Summit bar to spend the day working on a branding workshop: "You can't take kids to Disneyland and expect them to come inside and do their homework". Duly noted!

Special shout-out to Missoula Winery, Spotted Bear Spirits and Sunrift Brewery for providing boozy support!

Leap of Faith on Flathead Lake

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