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Crystal Magic

Crystals have been honored for their beauty and have been used for healing, protection and in ceremonies for centuries, tracing back to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Crystals can be used to channel the energy from the earth they are created from to connect and alter our own energy. Read more about the science behind crystals here. We personally source, cleanse and place crystals with every Skin & Sky package. It's our way of sharing good energy, balance and promoting good health and healing. New to Crystal Magic? Read on to learn more about the crystals that we source, what they're used for and how you can use them to add more magic to your life.

Amethyst- One of our favorite crystals, for its beautiful violet color and restorative properties. Amethyst is a protective, soothing, cleansing and healing stone. It provides relief and helps to calm anxiety, balances fear and provides protection from negative energy. It can aid in boosting metabolism and strengthening your immune system. It's an all around wonderful stone to keep on you daily. Keep this stone in your purse, by your bed, under your pillow, or hold it when you need to connect to the present moment.

Quartz- Crystal quartz is a master healing crystal. It can absorb and cleanse energy, balancing and revitalizing your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms. It can help to provide clarity and enhance your natural physic abilities. Hold this crystal while you meditate, by your tub when you bathe or on your nightstand. Place on spots of your body that need healing or restorative energy.

Citrine- The crystal of abundance, joy and prosperity. Natural citrine is a yellowish in color and carries golden, happy energy that uplifts and energizes. It is known to stimulate creativity and encourages new beginnings and manifestation. Carry this stone when you need a boost of energy, inspiration or encouragement.

Moonstone - This sacred powerful stone channels the energy of the moon and has been used to provide protection and guidance. It is also known to be a love stone and can be worn to promote fertility and passion.

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