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Why We Created An Anti-Aging Body Care Line...

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

There is a lot to explore out there! There are so many lazy Sundays to be spent on beaches, boats and rivers. So many strolls in art markets. So much to plant, so many errands, so many places to go.

And so many outfits to rock!

We created an age-defying line of products for the body because we couldn't find anything truly effective and worthy on the market. We don't believe in a precocious life, we're not hindered by excessive vanity. But we do want to look as good as we can for as long as possible, to celebrate the passing years but slow down the aging effects.

Our products work to prevent and slow down. They will reverse existing signs as much as is feasible with current data, but we are not going to fool you with un-proven claims.

Our team has spent their adult lives chasing some kind of adventure, whether down complicated rivers, up jagged peaks, down snowy terrain or adding up the miles underfoot.

We're Gen-X kids. We've mostly passed our naive youth, we're slowly realizing there might not actually be unicorns and mourning the reality that glitter is actually really polluting to oceans. We definitely still believe in magic, and we've taken a more intellectual approach to it.

If we're lucky, we get eight or so decades to live this glorious life. We have a lot to accomplish, a lot to serve, and we want to look good for the wild ride of it all.

So we took the cream-of-the-crop of proven ingredient technologies generally reserved for facial care, and created luscious AM/PM Age-Defying Body Care Alchemy to significantly slow down the effects of time, pollution, exposure, wear-and-tear.

Of course we also wanted it to be stunning, because if it is going to live in our bathrooms and purses, it should be beautiful to look at; and, if we're going to slather ourselves anyways, we also wanted it to be gracefully scented.

We created an anti-aging body care line because we actually think this whole aging thing is rad for the brains and soul, but we wanted to be smoother, more vibrant and more touchable as the years go by instead of drier, crepey and excessively wrinkled.

We think a little vanity doesn't hurt. The world has all kinds of jagged edges, and we intend to strut right through them. We hope you'll join.

"So tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

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