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History of the Tarot Card

First and foremost, we create really intelligent, badass data-driven, effective, anti-aging body care.

We are also fascinated by the Universe, and deeply connected to something Sacred. Our founder, Melissa, loves tarot and collecting decks. They are a part of our world and continue to fascinate us every time we do a reading. The history of the deck is also fascinating!

They are believed to have originated in northern Italy in the early 1400s, played by wealthy nobles as a game similar to bridge. Michelino da Besozzo was commissioned to create the first ever deck with 16 triumph cards having images of the Roman gods and suits. They were called carte da trionfi, " triumph cards". In 1530 the word "tarrochi" first appeared, the Italian word for "tarot".

The popularity of tarot cards grew as Europe became more and more fascinated with mystical beliefs. "The Fame and Confession of the Rosicrucians,” was published in 1612 describing tarot as a device to be consulted for information concerning the past, present, and future. In 1781 Antoine Court de Gébelin wrote an essay claiming that when he first say a tarot deck he knew it held the secrets of the Egyptians.

A few years later "Etteilla" , a French oculist, became the first professional tarot card reader to make a living doing readings. He created a booklet that described "spreads" or the layout on the table, and assigned meanings to each card in regular and in reversed positions. These traits are still central to tarot readings today.

The Visconti-Sforza deck is a compilation of some of the oldest surviving deck of cards. The very first emperor card, pictured above, is on display at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City.

The Emperor card often signifies control, whether you are in it or being controlled. Maybe this post will allow you to ask yourself this?

Is there a spiritual practice you have that perhaps isn't easily explained but means something to you?

Perhaps consider, as a little ritual, do a great shower or bath, take an extra few minutes to protect and regenerate your skin (obviously with Skin and Sky!), light a candle, and take a few minutes to simply feel grateful, empathetic, aware that it is a tough world right now and that it is OK to feel it. Give yourself permission.

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