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Age-Defying Ingredient Spotlight: Iris Pallida (Sweet Iris Extract)

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to skincare, and one of the ingredients that we are excited to share is the stem cell extract of Iris pallida, or sweet iris. Sweet iris is a common garden bloom around the world, but only recently have the effects of its cell extract begun to be documented. While there are several brands that use it in their face care products, Skin and Sky is the first company to incorporate this revolutionary ingredient into a body care line.

The bulb of this plant is more commonly called orris root and rather a lot of work is involved in its harvest. First, the plants are allowed to grow for several years. Once the bulb is harvested, it is dried for several more years before being ground into powder. Its sweet smell lends a lovely touch to anything it combines with, and in ancient times was often used to scent clean laundry.

Sweet iris stem cells have several anti-aging effects. First, they stimulate the densification of the dermis and collagen formation, which improves the look and elasticity of skin. Second, they simultaneously reduce the enzyme that breaks down collagen. Working together, these two components create a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There also seems to be an increase in the softness and suppleness of skin with the use of this ingredient. Sweet iris is a regenerating compound, which helps stimulate new cell growth in the epidermis. This strengthens the existing skin barrier and helps aid healthy cell turnover. The more rapidly cell turnover is encouraged, the younger your skin tends to appear.

Start today to slow down your skin’s aging tomorrow. Try out the Stardust Discovery Kit and see what adding us to your beauty ritual for a week can do.

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