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Nevertheless, she persevered

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Exactly 7 years ago to the day, the original Anti-Aging Body Care + Beauty Tea Line, BijaBody, was launched. That lovely, naive company grew too big, too fast and succumbed to the rigors of complicated business. It left behind a loyal following, and I always knew I'd reimagine and rebuild from the ground up.

The evolution continues with Skin and Sky. It hasn't gotten any easier. I am still an esthetician hell-bent on figuring out the excruciatingly complex realities of creating luxe, effective age-defying body care formulas and organic beauty tea tonics; still chipping away at the business as usual models which I think are totally outdated and need a serious revamp, and I am still committed to doing right by people, place, planet and, sustainable, fair profit. On paper, it doesn't add up. I didn't "learn my lesson" and downgrade formulas and ethical commitments.

I upgraded it all. I made it even better. More complicated. More right by the world.

It took a few years to get back here, and I never wavered. This isn't a hobby. This isn't a cute side hustle. This isn't a fluffy dream.

This is all I know how to do.

I know my clients. I know ingredients. I know skincare. I know real life.

I believe the hustle and the grind towards worthy is a better use of my time, brains, soul and magic than following a pre-determined formula aimed

at profit-only business models.

It would be easier to do this if I didn't know as much, if I hadn't spent my career taking care of women whom I genuinely adore. It'd be way easier to just put a pretty label on a bottle and call it a magical potion. If I was willing to downgrade formulas, to greenwash everything.

It'd be way easier if I stopped believing in magic, hope, beauty, art + partnerships.

The easy route is what's led our economy to this current state of exaggerated claims, wasteful resource management, inflated profit margins and ridiculous greed.

It's part of why you, myself, all of us, are inundated with crap, with ingredients which are potentially to blame for aggravated skin conditions, cancers, pollution, cruelty and misguided hope.


SSB develops intelligent beauty formulas we are proud to pass on to beloved friends, family, clients, and leave behind in the world.

We create products based on real life.

We do like a pretty label.

We put a really beautiful, low-adhesive, removable label on a refillable violet glass bottles or reusable plastic containers filled with what we believe might actually be a magical potion.

We build and share partnerships, have each other's backs, and care what you think.

We hope you enjoy watching the work in progress! Currently, everything is about 6 weeks behind thanks to some funny arm wrestling between China, Canada, Mexico and the US; but we are working through it.

There isn't a venture group backing this. No trust-fund. We are here right now with everything on the line, including our home, because we believe in it that much. Because we love it. Because we think you will love it. We're willing to work for it.

Let us know how we can best serve you. We'll share a variety of resources on this blog and through our Instagram. We're launching with our two most coveted age-defying formulas, both have been in progress now for nearly 10 years and have just gotten better over time. There's a curated line to come, little by little. Never more than what we think we can create the best in class of. When we find a beauty product we are seriously impressed by, we will share it with you, and take it off our list of products to create. If an entrepreneur out there has already put the brains, heart and soul into creating something fantastic, then our attention can go elsewhere. We'd rather celebrate it than try to compete with it. Check out our "Cherry-Picked" shop for our current obsessions; and read through the "esthetician notes" on each product for a little backstage pass into our thinking.

This is our version of business as usual, and we are definitely taking it personally.

Stay tuned, and, if we may so humbly ask, SHARE!

Our hashtags are:

#IntelligentBadassBeauty: Tag yourself or anyone you see putting brains, heart, soul and magic on the table, doing right by the world and being beautifully badass.

#WildChildBeauty: Share your adventures and a life well-lived! We want to see where you go.

#RageAgainstTheWaste: Speak up about blatant misuse of resources.

Welcome to the world Skin and Sky.

May the force be with you.

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