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We have to do some moving and sorting (onward, upwards, sideways and backwards!) and using opportunity to make some packaging changes before launching new products.

THE TRUTH: changing a system is hard, and we’re willing to figure out the logistics. We are working towards an entirely refillable, luxe packaging model for current and future product releases. Figuring out logistics has not been easy, especially with some of the tariffs and supply issues happening around the world.

In the meantime, some of the packaging we’ve tested isn’t what we will stick with, even though it is totally effective, we have to make some vendor partner changes and need a larger space for shipments. 

The product is the best we know. Packaging that protects the formulas and causes no harm to the world is a hard nut to crack, ensuring the best vendor partnerships is an ongoing logistic and growing pains are par for the course. 

This is kind of like asking to borrow your truck.... help us move and we will make it worth your while!


50% OFF STOREWIDE: That’s right, all of our inventory is 50% off! We’re setting up a special shop for this weekend to make sure you get the best deals directly.

ALL 4oz PLASTIC BOTTLES MUST GO. Buy an AM/PM plastic set with this great discount price and receive a code good for 25% off a future item.

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE: Buy one Luxe Glass Set and get one FREE! If you’d like to send the second one to a friend, include their address in the order notes and we’ll ship to them for free as well!

If you’ve been waiting to invest in the best body care products, missed a friend's birthday, have someone in your life you want to congratulate or need to stock up for future holidays, now’s the time!

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