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If you are new to #SSB, there is a lot to know. We get it. The marketing peeps are constantly telling us there's too much, and we need to tell you less, simplify.

But, we're not that company. We don't have just one thing to tell you which we put a gazillion hours into marketing. We don't have fluffy bs which we sell you because we are money-hungry.

We have a lot of badassness in each formula and they are worthy.

You don't have to know all these things because that is what we do. You do you thing, we do ours. We are really good at what we do, which is create effective formulas for beautiful, luminous skin while caring for people, place, planet and partnerships. (we have A LOT to learn about the whole marketing/social thing but our time is spent on other things like sourcing fair-trade, collaborations, etc...)

If you received our kit for holidays, right about now you are probably getting curious because you're noticing your skin actually feels/looks better!! So you finally took the time to log in...

Well, here are a few highlights, along with directions on how to refill your luxe, ethically-sourced, Mirion glass packaging with the best ever anti-aging body care.

Enjoy! We look forward to being part of many decades of your healthy, glowing skin.

xo, SSB

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