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At Home Manicure Tips + Non-Toxic Nail Polish for Summer!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Salons have been closed for some time now and we miss our pamperings! But giving yourself a good manicure isn't as hard as you think. Gather together:

1) Remove old nail polish. It's important to wash your hands after you do this to eliminate any remaining acetone.

2) File. Remember, when filing, to only file in ONE direction (back and forth will break them.)

3) Cuticle care. Rub a little bit of Brilliant Daily Body Serum Antiox Multi-Task Elixir around each nail and let it soak in so that your cuticles become softer. Use the cuticle stick to push back your cuticles, but avoid the urge to trim them down! Trimming cuticles with a scissors or clippers is just begging for bacteria to come in.

4) Exfoliate. Combine a few tablespoons of Raw Honey and equal amount of Rice Flour. Get your hands wet, then grab a scoop and gently scrub-a-dub-dub. Rinse off with warm water.

5) Slather on serum. We pack it with amazing ingredients like rose hip seed oil, rice bran oil, and tea extracts so that it can repair, rehydrate and revitalize your skin. Once you've thoroughly moisturized your hands, it's time to apply your polish. Nails are porous and have the ability to absorb chemicals, therefore it's important to use good polish that won't dry out your nails. Here are some non-toxic, cruelty-free nail polish brands to try out:

Sundays - Sundays was created by a former nail technician who worked with a chemist to create her own non-toxic formulas. Founded on the ideas of individuality, simplicity, and wellness, she created a beautiful line of polish. This Top & Base Coat duo creates the perfect foundation and finish for your manicure.

AILA- This line of nail polish was founded by a woman who was tired of false healthy claims by brands and wanted to break the cycle in the beauty world. AILA symbolize transformation and change for all women who are caught in a cycle. For women who don't want to sacrifice health for beauty and function. Their California Love color is the perfect coral for summer.

LVX- Inspired by high fashion on the runway, these long-lasting luxury colors are eco-friendly and will make your nails feel luxe! This gorgeous Lilac Color is inspired by Peter Pittolo and Adam Lippes.

Zoya - An "Art of Beauty" brand, first est. in 1986, Zoya polishes are found in the best salons and spas around the world. From nudes, to glitter, to bold and pastel colors they have just about any color you can think of - at a decent price too!

6) Polish. The best part! First, layer a good base coat and let it dry for at least two minutes. Then, add your color, one thin coat at a time. You'll notice that pushing back your cuticles makes painting your nails easier! Finally, finish with a topcoat.

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