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How to Invest in a Cost-Effective Bodycare Treatment

Tax time is here--or at least it should be. With recent events, everyone is considering their finances in a new way. Saving money is considered a functional priority for people, but unfortunately, that caution has meant that products now try to outdo themselves to be less and less expensive--most commonly at the cost of quality. To make a "cheap" skincare product, a company has to not only water-down a product; thickeners, fillers, and multiple irritants are also added. What's more, you'll find you're using the products more often due to their thinness and lower functionality. It might even be likely that you disrupt your skin's acid balance and need to seek further repair.

Now, more than ever, it's time to consider the value in the products you're using every day. If you're saving money, how are you saving it? If you're settling for an inferior product, is it really helping you keep your finances, health and sanity?

Here at Skin and Sky Intelligent Beauty, we took a few things in mind when we were creating our products:

  • They have to be good. We refuse to compromise with fillers and other bad ingredients. Every ingredient is researched and used for its safety, potency and effectiveness. We strive to avoid falling into the pit of trends and instead make it our goal to produce a product you can use for years, in every situation.

  • They have to be transparent. We absolutely want you to know what you're getting and why. Scroll through our blog and read about the various ingredients and how they work. We flat-out reject ingredients like palm oil that are detrimental to world health.

  • They have to be refillable. We offer refill pouches as a way to decrease container consumption. Our containers come in two types: #2 plastic, for those who prefer a less breakable option, and violet glass, for those who like an elegant, useful touch. By offering refill pouches, you can keep your original containers, instead of throwing them away over and over again. One pouch refills an entire kit.

When investing in a bodycare product, there are multiple factors to consider when judging its value. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many years will I be able to use it? Will you need to switch it for another product in a few months? Will it cause lasting damage that requires a separate product to heal, or visits to an esthetician? Does it contain toxic chemicals that will cause harm over the years? Our products are designed to be used for decades.

  • How much am I throwing away? Some "natural" products do not contain preservatives; this is seen as a better option, but causes spoilage. (For our preservative, we like vitamin E.) Similarly, some products are inexpensive, but you end up throwing half of them away. With refillable packaging, you can rest assured that you're getting the most out of your bottle.

  • How often do I reapply? With watered-down products, you'll notice your skin feeling dry again quickly after application, causing you to reapply multiple times per day. Many of our fans have reported that our Brilliant Daily Body Serum absorbs quickly, does not feel greasy, and yet moisturizes for hours.

  • How much waste am I helping to create? This is an important question to ask yourself. A company that encourages repeated purchasing of disposable plastic has its own set of priorities that we can assume do not include the people and the planet. If that's the case, the question arises: if they don't care about people, how are they caring about the product they are making for people?

By investing in a good bodycare product, you're also investing in your health. Our last post discussed the toxic chemicals that are allowed in health and beauty products in the United States. More than ever, we are starting to realize as a society that caring for our health is the first defense against disease and physical detriment. Our skin is our largest organ, and a daily application of chemicals can wreak havoc on the rest of our body and our response to inflammatory stimuli. It's important to know your products and how they work.

As you consider your finances in the coming months, consider the investment that you are making in your bodycare and let us know how our products are helping you achieve your goals. We love to hear from you! We're proud to make a product that benefits you and helps improve our world.

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