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Age-Defying Ingredient Spotlight: Rice Bran Oil

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

You might cook up a batch as a side dish, but have you ever considered including rice in your beauty ritual? Women in Asia have used “rice water” for centuries to clean and revitalize their hair and skin, and we use rice bran oil for its antioxidant, moisturizing and exfoliating components.

The “bran” is the outer part of the rice kernel. The oil made from it contains high amounts of vitamin E, and the oil itself is being researched for its potential sunscreen-like effects. It contains a high amount of squalene, which is part of the body’s “sebum”—the lubricant we naturally produce to keep our skin supple and luminous. You’ll also find a large amount of vitamin B complex, which keeps the skin bright and helps encourage cell turnover.

While the idea of an oil layer coating our skin recalls the greasy days of suntanning, sebum actually plays a vital role in skin health. It not only coats the top of the epidermis but fills in the spaces between cells, as well. When the skin is bothered by pollutants or has the sebum stripped off by harsh detergents, the cells have no protection, and react accordingly. This is why skin can appear to be angry even after a thorough "cleansing" regimen. The back and forth struggle of overcleansing and then overmedicating can throw skin completely out of whack.

A benefit of rice bran oil is that it is hydrating without clogging pores--making it a favorite of the skincare industry because it absorbs easily into the skin. It also contains a good amount of CoQ10, an enzyme that has been making headlines in recent years for its soothing and anti-wrinkle strengths. The antioxidant qualities of CoQ10, combined with the benefit of the lipid barrier created by squalene, allows long-term protection for your skin while you're fighting the day to day battles.

It’s no wonder it’s one of our favorite ingredients. Snag yourself a refillable bottle of BRILLIANT DAILY BODY SERUM to help protect and strengthen your skin.

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