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Age-Defying Ingredient Spotlight: Tripeptide-5

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

The skincare industry gushes about about tripeptide-5. This innovative ingredient stimulates TGF-Beta, helps to increase collagen production, addresses extracellular matrix damage and inhibits inflammation. This magic and hope-filled molecule is composed of chains of amino acids that penetrate beneath the epidermis to the dermis to truly slow down the skin's biological breakdown.

As we age, our skin produces less collagen, and so its elasticity, smoothness, and firmness can become lackluster and less supple than we prefer. This can be called crepey skin and regardless of the flashy before and after photos shoved in our face all the time, it is impossible to truly reverse crepey skin that has lost its collagen matrix without more invasive procedures.

It is however, quite feasible and delicious to slow it down! That's where we can help! We'll help slow your roll...

Tripeptide-5 is such a promising ingredient that literally requests cells to produce collagen—something that your body naturally stops doing as you age. This lab-created, intelligent and responsible ingredient is an excellent alternative to animal collagen, which, when applied topically, does not produce results as quickly as can be done with the penetrating force of tripeptide-5.

Early studies have also suggested that tripeptide-5 may decrease the amount of toxins within the skin by signaling skin cells to interact with toxins in a defensive way. This means the skin cells are stimulated to either release the toxins or to render them inert so that they do not damage the skin.

See what Tripeptide-5 can do for you today with our Cellular Luminosity Overnight Age-Defying Treatment. Our esthetician-created, data-driven formula is proven to be 350% more effective than traditional body lotions at slowing down your skin's natural aging!

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