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Why We Love Refills (and Hope They Catch On)

Creating this company meant taking a hard look at our processes. One of the items that seemed to pop up again and and again was the issue of container waste. Conscientious customers repeatedly voiced their wish to buy one good-quality bottle and be done with it. It's not a revolutionary idea--there are stores that sell only bulk goods all over the United States--but within the beauty industry, it's pretty new. Often, consumers don't realize how much money they are spending, over and over, on packaging. We wanted to change things up with our refill packs.

The refills offer several distinct advantages. First, one refill pack will fill your entire set: full size, travel size, and purse size. Along with this desirable trait comes the reality that we created durable packaging to last you for years to come. By reducing packaging costs, we can decrease our overhead and offer you more value in general for your money.

Second, there's a significant cost benefit. An eight-ounce refill costs $78, a much lower price than the $100+ it would cost to buy new items with the same amount of product. It almost seems silly when we put it that way--and makes us wonder, why don't other companies follow our example?

To celebrate a brand new year full of sustainable decisions, we're offering free shipping on all refills until January 31. Use the code "JANUARY2019" at checkout.

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Refills have so caught on with me. I appreciate the luminosity and the ethics of Skin and Sky Beauty so much! Careful, the product not only results in beautiful, supple skin, but also some deep thinking about community and ecology. A truly great combination. (PS: the Blog is a staple in my weekly reading: so much information and inspiration!)

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