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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

“Quick Product Question: Sometimes it is easier to use the PM during the day because it seems to sink in more quickly. But, I have read that some ingredients in skincare assist/harm when combined with sunlight. Is there a reason to make sure I use SSB as specified AM/PM?" question slid into our DM's

We have a special place in our hearts for our Montana crew. We're based mostly in Sunny California now, but Montana will forever be in our roots. And Montana peeps know harsh environments! Thank you to this #intelligentbadassbeauty who sent us this question! (ps, yes she did jump in!)

Well, since you asked….here is a Pandora’s box for the answer...

First off, let’s address the different consistencies/basics of each formula.

SSB’s BRILLIANT DAILY BODY SERUM, aka AM, is a powerful Multi-Tasking Antioxidant Elixir that PROTECTS.

This goes eons beyond a simple body oil or basic body lotion! The consistency is somewhere between an oil and a serum, and creates a barrier between your skin and everything trying to aggravate it during the day, such as pollution, harsh environments, indoor air-conditioning/heating, blue light and outdoors such as wind, sun, dry air, water. This age-defying serum makes it so that you can enjoy your day, live your life and not have all the damage to show for it! It was conceived after spending a lifetime in places like the Grand Canyon for weeks at a time, polluted 3rd world environments, daily grind, traffic on the 405...

If it feels like it isn’t absorbing as well as you’d like, it may be that you are using too much or applying to dry skin or skin that needs more exfoliation. If you are applying after showering, use while skin still has some dampness. Or consider a distilled water spritz if you prefer to shower at night. And use a bit less! Also, add dry-brushing to your routine. The benefits are endless.

Rather than pressing all the way down on the pump, press lightly. Half a pump is enough for the top half of your body, another half a pump or a bit more for bottom half. Because it is so concentrated, you do not need much!

We recommend keeping the Purse-Kit size or Travel size with you for light re-application during the day, especially when stuck in traffic or during outdoor adventures like skiing, surfing, kayaking, speed-walking!

This formula acts like a sun-defense, without sunscreen ingredients! There has never been a body-specific formula with higher concentrations of the most researched, documented and proven antioxidant ingredients in a highly-nourishing botanical base.

  • STABILIZED VITAMIN C + E: Underlined and emphasized because 99.9% of products which claim Vitamin C + E are using sub-par ingredients and/or amounts which do not provide the proper protection. It is a REALLY EXPENSIVE ingredient to work with.

  • WHITE + GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Again, emphasized because we are using percentages which have never been used. Each one of these works differently to help ward off damage, prevent cellular disruptions which can lead to skin cancer, and enhance skin’s resiliency. What we see on the market are minimal amounts simply to make an ingredient list look better.

  • STRAWBERRY SEED + RICE BRAN OIL: A very powerful ingredient combination which has been shown to work in a sunscreen-type manner.

Our CELLULAR LUMINOSITY BODY CREME is an Overnight Age-Defying Treatment that truly Regenerates.

Otherwise known as our PM, this luscious creme is brimming with the ingredients you see marketed in all those (fake) before/after pictures, sadly mostly used in tiny concentrations or toxic bases. That's not how we do it.

Yes, you will see some reversal of existing damage, and we could probably get way more easy press if we were willing to play the photoshop game. But, we believe in real data and science. It is not possible to reverse existing cellular damage by more than about 20% without more invasive procedures such as IPL or harsh ingredients such as retinol. Those things have their place, but the ideal is to just slow it way down and not need them as much or at all! Data shows the combination of anti-aging ingredients in our PM formula can slow down your skin’s natural aging by as much as 330%!!!

This creme is very nourishing, and it does take some rubbing for it to absorb. There is a reason for that! By massaging it into your skin, you are increasing absorption and circulation so that the magic can really benefit your cells. I keep a bottle in the bathroom, one next to the bed and one near the Netflix-and-Chill zone.

Cannot even imagine going to sleep without applying to at least the main areas that show age and laxicity faster such as arms, chest, neck, tops of knees.

While our AM focuses on antioxidants to provide a veil of protection, our PM is obsessive about ingredients which increase skin density, address pigment issues, nurtures collagen and overall strengthens to keep skin luminous, supple and resilient.

  • IRIS STEM CELLS: Contributes to density the dermis, improves and restores skin functions and resistance. Decreases and prevents lines and wrinkles, and contributes to skin softness.

  • TRIPEPTIDE-5: Highly bioactive, deeply skin penetrating peptide proven to activate tissue growth factor (TGF-beta) which stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin.

  • WHITE TURMERIC EXTRACT: This isn’t just turmeric powder mixed in some water! This is a highly-advanced extract which isolates the most anti-inflammatory and brightening components of turmeric for optimal skin anti-aging and beautifying performance.

  • ROSEHIP SEED OIL + RAW HONEY: Two of the most nourishing natural ingredients to reduce inflammatory response and increase skin’s optimal balance.

The thing to note about this formula is that these ingredients are most effective when your body is in repair mode. This happens during sleep.

None of our ingredients are photosensitizing (such a pet-peeve! Citrus Oils and Retinol should be forever banned and illegal in day-use products). You can absolutely use the creme on days where you just want that texture and nourishment, but to get the most anti-aging effects, you want to wear it overnight during circadian cellular regeneration. Our Creme contains some antioxidant capabilities, but it does not have the same level of protection against harsh daytime environments as our AM.

OK THEN….So now that you know a bit about why our answer is YES, there is a reason for specific AM/PM, what about combining? ABSOLUTELY!

Sometimes, pump of AM and a half pump of PM during the day if the air feels drier than normal or skin just craves it. Or, add a bit of the AM to the PM in the palm of your hand before going to bed if you want the extra glow and silkiness of an elixir. If I'm going out at night (or staying in with the lover) and want skin particularly delicious, I'll do half and half. As long as you have a bit more AM in the am, and a bit more PM in the pm, you are slowing your skin’s natural response to time!

I know this is a lot to digest, and truth is, you shouldn’t have to know so many ingredient specifics. That is our responsibility. And we promise you that we ONLY create formulas fully worthy of your beauty, people, place, planet + partnerships.

Part of the reason we only have 2 products is because it takes a long time for development of pure magic, and we believe in science + magic. These two formulas have been 15 years in the making! Based on a life thoroughly-lived!

Enjoy. And please keep asking questions and sharing your thoughts!

xo, mpp


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