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The Spring Awakening

As much as we like to joke about it, humans cannot actually hibernate in the same way that bears, dormice or bats can. While the idea of bedding down for several months straight may seem appealing, our bodies just aren't built that way. We burn lots of energy and have abundant food sources. We're pretty close to the top of the predatory food chain. Let's face it: as fun as hibernation may seem, it's not in the cards for us as a species.

One thing we have in common with hibernatory species, though, is the need for cell repair. We get this most often in sleep, but as a company have specifically formulated products that work to repair cells even while we're active. Skin starts DNA repair around 9 p.m., when we start to get sleepy. This is the most ideal time to slather on some Cellular Luminosity Body Creme Overnight Anti-Aging treatment. Melatonin kicks in, and helps counteract daily damage we endure.

As we sleep, HGH helps regenerate skin cells. Kendra Flockhart, an education executive at Darphin, states that "if we're in a deep sleep, you could see cell turnover increase by three times between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m."

That's a lot of regeneration--and it helps to have a product assisting you along the way. We've detailed how our products benefit your skin, and now that we're heading into spring, it's time to restock and make sure you have enough on hand for the warmer weather ahead. Winter is an easy time to stay inside, but once the weather gets warmer, we leave the house and start re-exposing ourselves to sun, pollution, irritants and artificial air.

We're proud to offer our Brilliant Daily Body Serum Antiox Multi-Task Elixir to keep your skin protected from all of these and more. We know how exciting it is to come out of your own hibernation, and we want to help you glow in it.


  • Get more sleep this week. Daylight Savings Time can throw our entire bodies out of whack and interrupt melatonin cycles. Getting one hour less of sleep in a night can put us in a dangerous state.

  • Turn the lights off at night, and on in the morning! It may seem silly to say, but most of us spend our evenings staring at blue light from screens, and leaving our televisions and computers on late. By eliminating light at night, we stimulate our bodies to produce melatonin, and by turning the lights on right away in the morning, we help ourselves shake it off and wake up.

  • Take some chill time before bed. Read a book, do a crossword, paint your toenails--sink into a quiet activity to help prepare your body for the night. Eating or working out late can force our bodies into wakefulness when we least need it.

  • Curb the caffeine. It's a hard sell to get people to give up their coffee, but caffeine ultimately acts to raise our adrenaline--which lasts until, of course, the adrenaline drops again. By adjusting to a routine without caffeine, your body develops more natural energy.

  • Splash on some cold water. Yeah, a hot shower is nice--but finishing it with a cold jolt can help close your pores and stimulate circulation.

  • Work greens into your breakfast. Adding herbs and greens to your morning gives you a good boost of iron and nutrients when your brain first needs it, and has the added bonus of keeping your energy up throughout the day.

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